The Far Eastern Fells

The Far Eastern fells, as the name suggests, is Wainwright's classification of the range of mountains east of Ullswater and the Kirkstone pass. Although I have visited Ullswater many times, I have only really got 'into' this area once, in 2004, when I visited the Haweswater Reservoir and pent some time photographing it from the slopes of Harter Fell.

Wainwright reports that the walking is of a different kind here - the mountains are easier (in general) to ascend and offer long walks at altitude, for instance at High Street. Clearly, this is a place to relax in and enjoy the scenery. Julia Bradbury's Wainwright Walks DVD contains her ascent of High Street and it's a fell I intend to explore as soon as I can.

I've listed below all of the fells that Wainwright classified as belonging to the Far Eastern Fells, together with notes detailing visits I have made to them. Some fells have pages of their own - click on any of the fell names that have links to visit these...

This page is a work in progress. As fells are visited, climbed and photographed, they will be added.

The Tallest Fell


High Street: 2718 feet.

The Shortest Fell


Hallin Fell: 1271 feet

Number of Fells above 2000 feet



The Far Eastern Fells - Fells with pages on this site

The Far Eastern Fells - List of all fells

Angletarn Pikes

Height - 1857 ft

Arthur's Pike

Height - 1747 ft

Beda Fell

Height - 1670 ft

Bonscale Pike

Height - 1718 ft


Height - 2339 ft

Brock Crags

Height - 1842 ft

Caudale Moor

Height - 2502 ft


Height - 2359 ft

Gray Crag

Height - 2286 ft

Grey Crag

Height - 2093 ft

Hallin Fell

Height - 1271 ft

Harter Fell

Height - 2552 ft

Hartsop Dodd

Height - 2028 ft

High Raise

Height - 2634 ft

High Street

Height - 2718 ft

Ill Bell

Height - 2484 ft

Kentmere Pike

Height - 2397 ft

Kidsty Pike

Height - 2560 ft

The Knott

Height - 2423 ft

Loadpot Hill

Height - 2201 ft

Mardale Ill Bell

Height - 2496 ft

The Nab

Height - 1887 ft

Place Fell

Height - 2154 ft

Rampsgill Head

Height - 2598 ft

Rest Dodd

Height - 2283 ft


Height - 1691 ft

Selside Pike

Height - 2149 ft

Shipman Knotts

Height - 1926 ft

Sour Howes

Height - 1585 ft

Steel Knotts

Height - 1414 ft

Tarn Crag

Height - 2176 ft

Thornthwaite Crag

Height - 2569 ft

Trioutbeck Tongue

Height - 1191 ft


Height - 1597 ft

Wether Hill

Height - 2210 ft


Height - 2316 ft