The Northern Fells

The fells to the North of Keswick are classified by Wainwright as the Northern Fells. Of these, Blencathra (or Saddleback) and Skiddaw are among the best known. Viewed from Keswick, at Derwent Water's northern shore, Skiddaw dominates the scenery.

Wainwright notes that, in general, the Northern fells are less exciting than the Southern, but Sharp Edge at Blencathra would be an exception to this. In fact, Wainwright devoted more pages to Blencathra than any other fell, such was his love of 'the mountaineer's mountain'.

I've listed below all of the fells that Wainwright classified as belonging to the Northern Fells, together with notes detailing visits I have made to them. Some fells have pages of their own - click on any of the fell names that have links to visit these...

This page is a work in progress. As fells are visited, climbed and photographed, they will be added.

The Tallest Fell


Skiddaw: 3053 feet.

The Shortest Fell


Latrigg: 1203 feet

Number of Fells above 2000 feet



The Northern Fells - Fells with pages on this site

Height - 1466 ft

The Northern Fells - List of all fells


Height - 2208 ft

Bannerdale Crags

Height - 2241 ft

Height - 1466 ft


Height - 2847 ft

Bowscale Fell

Height - 2306 ft

Brae Fell

Height - 1920 ft

Carl Side

Height - 2447 ft

Carrock Fell

Height - 2169 ft


Height - 1647 ft

Great Calva

Height - 2265 ft

Great Cockup

Height - 1726 ft

Great Sca Fell

Height - 2136 ft

High Pike

Height - 2157 ft


Height - 2329 ft


Height - 1203 ft

Long Side

Height - 2405 ft

Longlands Fell

Height - 1585 ft

Lonscale Fell

Height - 2344 ft

Meal Fell

Height - 1804 ft

Mungrisdale Common

Height - 2077 ft


Height - 3053 ft

Skiddaw Little Man

Height - 2837 ft

Souther Fell

Height - 1713 ft

Ullock Pike

Height - 2230 ft